The Community Church of San Miguel de Allende

An Interdenominational Christian English-Speaking Church
Where ALL are Welcome! 

About Outreach 

Since its beginning, the members of the Community Church agreed that at least 50% of all church income should go to local community outreach.  

Objectives, Priorities & Targets

Mission Statement

The mission of the outreach program provided by the Community Church is to give material and caring assistance to those in need outside the church congregation.

Outreach Priorities:

  • Priority will be given to financial needs identified in the San Miguel de Allende administrative area outside of the city of San Miguel de           Allende.
  • Second priority will be to needs identified within the City of San Miguel de Allende.

Targets (focus) of the Outreach Program

  1. Focus on projects that can provide long term sustainability, education,  financial improvement and cultural enhancement for citizens of rural villages.
  2. Improve the opportunity for children to have access to educational resources that increase their chance of improving their economic wellbeing as they reach adulthood
  3. Provide for those most in need and unable to help themselves
  4. Focus finite resources in ways to maximize the likelihood of having a long term cumulative impact on a community and/or group.
  5. Fund projects that have the support of the community being assisted and its local leadership
  6. Maximize the impact of our resources by leveraging other organizations’ resources and administration of projects in which we engage.
  7. Provide funds to local organizations that can effectively administer and supervise activities in our target communities on a regular basis.


Apoyo a Gente Emprendedora, A.C. 

Mitigare A.C. (Hospice services)

Jovenes Adelante A.C.

Caminos de Agua A.C.

Fundacion Comunittario Don Diego A.C.

Red Cross, San Miguel de Allende