The Community Church of San Miguel de Allende

An Interdenominational Christian English-Speaking Church
Where ALL are Welcome! 

About Outreach 

Since its beginning, the members of the Community Church agreed that at least 50% of all church income should go to local community outreach.  

“Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.” -

Mark 12:31

Mission Statement

The mission of the Outreach Committee of The Community Church of San Miguel is to use at least 50% of the church’s pledges and plate offerings to provide support in various ways to economically disadvantaged people in the greater San Miguel de Allende area.

Objectives and Guidelines for the Outreach Mission

The Community Church aims to provide financial aid in three general areas:

Development, Relief and Rehabilitation. The work of the Outreach Committee is to identify the organizations in San Miguel that are working in these areas and to determine which ones best meet our criteria to receive a donation. Support may be a one-time donation, or it may be an ongoing partnership.

  • Development: Assist the poor to improve their lives through education, thus helping them to realize the full potential of their gifts and abilities. This is a long-term partnership where we walk alongside the poor, helping them to lift themselves out of poverty. Most of our outreach resources are applied to development.
  • Relief: Offer immediate aid for those who are unable to help themselves during a disaster, medical emergency, or personal trauma. This is short-term aid, not intended for chronic conditions, except under special circumstances recommended by the Outreach Committee.
  • Rehabilitation: Help people to recover to their previous lives after a crisis. This type of assistance ends when the recipients can return to the development stage.


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